Simplification Institute -Simplify to create value

We simplify to create value

  • Most companies have a proliferated portfolio with many SKUs that are barely profitable
  • Conventional Activity Based Costing (ABC) does not reflect the cost of complexity
  • Complexity creeps in and reduces productivity in all areas of the business

Our approach to make complex portfolios more effective

We simplify to create value and we help clients across three steps of the complexity management process:

1- Discover: We analyse your portfolio and distinguish good complexity from bad complexity to build a ‘business case for change’.

2- Design: We help design new product features and we inspire your teams around the vision of a simplified portfolio.

3- Deliver: We are passionate about execution and we roll-up our sleeves to support the implementation of our projects.

  • Bloated portfolio with a long tail
  • Impeded productivity
  • Confused shoppers
  • Margin erosion

  • Lean portfolio with differentiated SKU’s
  • Improved productivity
  • Higher instore conversion
  • Margin improvement

We pride ourselves on measurable results

46% SKU reduction

>€10 million operational savings

+2.6% volume growth

213,975 tonnes CO2 emissions reduction

What sets us apart

We solve for the root cause,
not just the symptoms

Our approach is designed to identify and solve for the root causes of complexity. Conventional techniques that cut tail variants often result in topline loss.

We are passionate
about execution

We love to roll-up our sleeves to support the implementation of our projects and drive sustainable change.

We bridge departments

To make a sustainable impact all departments need to work together. We bring together your team members from Operations, Sales, Marketing and Finance.

Let’s discuss how to optimise your portfolio

Our team

  • Our nimble team of experienced international professionals has a proven track record in Commercial, Manufacturing, Operations, Analytics and Finance.
  • Every portfolio is unique and we tailor our team based on your specific needs and your location.
  • Check-out our Careers page if you want to join our talented team.

Leadership Team

Jo De Pauw

Founder & Managing Director

As a Simplification pioneer, Jo is the Founder & Managing Director of the Simplification Institute™. His commitment to deliver sustainable results is changing the way companies in Europe manage their portfolios.

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Ruben Castro

Business Strategy Advisor

Ruben advises on business simplification approaches that deliver sustainable long term returns for corporations, helping them to thrive in an ever dynamic and competitive global marketplace.

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Emilie Cymberg

Emilie Cymberg

Sustainability Director

Emilie is passionate about sustainability and circular economy. She has a strong track record building growth and sustainability strategies in a variety of roles for Fortune 500 companies such as P&G, Kellogg’s and Johnson & Johnson.

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Sebastien Guerault

Sebastien Guerault

Commercial Director

Sebastien is an expert in identifying value for retailers, consumers and shoppers with 20 years commercial leadership experience in sales and marketing roles at Carrefour France, Danone Spain, Sara Lee and Kellogg’s.

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Jonathan Judd

Program Director

Jonathan has 22 years leadership experience across Supply Chain, R&D and Sales at Procter & Gamble and Kellogg.  He has successfully delivered major simplification, business expansion and change programs including Portfolio, Product & Process Simplification.

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Willem de Bruijn

Willem de Bruijn

Senior Advisor
Willem has a wealth of commercial leadership experience with leading brands such as Beiersdorf, Mondelez and Jacobs Douwe Egberts. He combines marketing leadership expertise with a passion for integrated projects between marketing and supply chain enhancing brand value across the end-to-end value chain.

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